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420, the nowadays cannabis seed bank

420 Seeds is an online marijuana seed bank. For over ten years, 420 Seeds has been selling worldwide seeds from well-known breeders. My role was to come up with a brand strategy and its execution.


  • The cannabis seed market has been growing but 420 Seeds didn’t develop. With new countries legalising marijuana, the brand also has the opportunities to captivate new customers.
  • 420 Seeds’ competitors are standing toe-to-toe: their online platforms offer seeds from respected breeders and deep discounts.
  • The battle with well established competitors is on.


  • Reboot 420 Seeds’ brand with a distinctive brand idea.
  • Become a leader by increasing the online cannabis seed sales/shares.
  • Appeal to new buyers and keep the current ones.

Art direction


 Doubtful and complex, seed banks are backward and remind of the Dark Web (internet used for illegal trade).

420 seeds, competitors
420 seeds, competitors
420 seeds, competitors
420 seeds, competitors


420 Seeds needs to differentiate oneself from other seed banks by adopting nowadays cannabis codes.

Either playful, gourmet or botanical, nowadays cannabis inspires trust. Cannabis-based products become colourful and/or slick. While breeders are showing passion for the plants with professionalism and authenticity.

420 Seeds’ values need to attract new customers and resonate with existing ones:

Expertise and quality: A botanical expert with 10 years of experience in selecting, producing and selling seeds.
Friendliness: A company caring for its clients (support, rewards,…).
Trust: A legal and transparent business for nowadays cannabis users/growers.


420 Seeds, the modern seed bank with a real passion and expertise in cannabis

Photography: Close-ups on the crops’ perfection / ‘cannabis porn’.
Logos: King of the seed banks / Tradition (the 70’s) with a modern twist  / Star of the seed banks / The one that you can trust to fill your bag.
Colours: Bright touches to bring playfulness.

420 seeds, photography style
420 seeds, logo proposal
420 seeds, brand typography
420 seeds, photography style
420 seeds, logo proposal
420 seeds, brand colour
420 seeds, photography style
420 seeds, logo proposal
420 seeds, icons sample
420 seeds, photography style
420 seeds, logo proposal
420 seeds, brand colours

User experience

Online cannabis seed banks have heterogeneous audiences and complex offers.

On one side, cannabis seeds buyers range from 18 to 70 years old. They can grow cannabis for recreational or medical purpose – legally or illegally. They can be new to it, and looking for guidance, or experienced. On the other side, cannabis seeds have numerous characteristics (breeder, taste, strength, plant height, effects, flowering time, yield,…).

420 Seeds’ e-shop has to deliver an exciting shopping experience and to adapt to different levels of expertise. The shop also needs to accommodate an increase in the number of products.

Proposal: To become the ‘ASOS / kayak’ of the online seed banks

Business goals

Increase sales and revenues.

Attract new customers.

Increase the product range.

Business pain points

Evolve without losing previous clients.

Some competitors are more established.

Transform a website designed for a small number of products.

User goals

Find easily relevant seeds and information.

Compare products to buy wisely.

Get the best prices and rewards.

User pain points

Not sure that the website can be trusted.

Not enough information about the products for the experts and too specific for the newbies.

Not enough products.


Two personas, newbie and experienced, were built to understand the range of approaches, needs and frustrations.

The audiences, despite their disparity, seek for:

  • A safe and secure experience: Browsing confidentiality and safe delivery.
  • An enjoyable experience: A website adapted to all users including the ones with low internet skills or under the effect of cannabis.
  • A successful experience: Finding the right product for their need (advice, effects, plant characteristics,…).
  • Some deals to equal or stand out from competitors.

Info architecture

The experience is designed to be user-centred. It’s indeed a one level experience – no need to search on different pages to see what is available:

  • All the products are listed in one place and can easily be filtered.
  • The product details open in an overlay.

The user journey also starts with reinsuring messages reaffirming the advantages of the e-shop. 

Usability testing

The main pain points were used to test and validate the user flow. People were presented several home pages and asked which one they would trust the most. They were also tasked to find some seeds based on specific criterium. The checking out was then added to cover the full user journey.

A ‘chat now with our specialist’ option was suggested and should be part of a future implementation.


This wireframing aimed at defining, in a generic manner, the content and functioning of the pages. One of the priorities was to implement simple filters to refine the products.

The product page details are hierarchised to create a narration going from generic to in-depth. Micro-copy and infographics are used to make the content easy to read.

To not interrupt the checkout, the order is amendable on the spot at any time. One of the specificities of the checkout is the option to pick a reward based on the amount spent.


Notes: When the user scrolls down, the header retracts to create the top menu.
The product pictures are provided by the breeders.

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