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Crabtree & Evelyn Ecomm website





Goal: Increase the sales, the number of visits, and of returning visitors.

  • Lead and contribute to the UX process: Define and develop relevant UX actions.
  • Work broadly with design, content strategy, engineering, and marketing to actively encourage team involvement in UX and research.
  • Turn user data into actionable product/service requirements that feed into prototype development, and influence product direction.
  • Develop wireframes, prototypes to encourage collective decision-making.
  • Introduce the concept of user and user needs through usability testing and surveys.
  • Work closely with developers to build the design system and automate QA.

Ecomm platform

Mocking up several UX solutions for the Ecomm platform to help in-house decisions

Analyze best web practices.
Discuss with stakeholders to understand their needs.
Discuss with engineers to understand the constraints (Shopify limitations, skills,…).
Propose relevant UX options, gather feedback and iterate.
Introduce UX process.

Infographic by Francois Bouniq-Mercier

Because of the team time constraints, we decided to create an ‘ideal’ wireframe, to implement, to and then to evaluate the live website (A/B testing).

New feature

A ‘gift maker’ to send products in a gift box.

Discussing with stakeholders to define the new functionality.
Introducing the benefits of prototyping.
Proposing UX options and targeting different users.
Testing UX options (remote test recorded through questions and HotJar).


Three concepts were proposed.


From the ideation phase, two concepts were retained and fleshed out.

Team decision

Development of the side module.
Prototyping and remote testing for optimisation.

Creation of a design system

Introducing the benefits of building an atomic component library.
Working with UI designer, creatives and dev to develop the UI.
Assisting dev though UI implementation.
Facilitating the UI QA with relevant tools.

Atomic design
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