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Omnicom, research and UX for marketing production software





Adzu is an Omnicom marketing software which automates the ad production.

The software has been developed without users.
Now progressively launching, feedback shows multiple usability issues.

Part 1: In a company unfamiliar with UX, I started by collecting internal feedback and opinions from the different team (customer, sales, product, management). This helped the communication in the company and some further meetings were held by the management.

Part 2: The other outcome was the creation of a user flow across the software.

Part 3: Design  creation to illustrate the different ideas to make the flow happen.

Part 3: Testing of the different designs.

Part 1
Understanding the current situation and the UX need
Part 2
Understanding the collective vision for the software and turning it in actionable UX
Part 3
Converging internal visions into a common goal:  the creation of a flow across the software
Part 3
Designing solutions based on the user process
Part 4
Testing the designs with the future users
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