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CD: Ndrew Poon

Microsite for instore display.

krispy krush, mobile design
krispy krush, mobile design
krispy krush, mobile design
krispy krush, mobile design
krispy krush, mobile design
krispy krush, mobile design

Nanos, Budget split page



Nanos is a platform to create and manage social ad campaigns easily.
The goal was to make a budget management screen.

Rational coming soon.

Money Wizard, Budget management app



What is Money Wizard

A cross-platform product to help people to manage their finances in order to reach their saving goals.



Create a budgeting app amongst in a crowdy market.



Understand the market

Position the offer

Develop a unique proposal

Test to get feedbacks





believe that being educated on personal finances is important.


worry about their finances, citing not having enough money saved.



have a budget – stick to it every month or most months.


compare price when buying offline.



search for a discount before purchasing online.



A budgeting app with a ‘magic’ button to maximise monthly and daily budgets.

User flow

The service connects with all the accounts in real time.

Thanks to the MAXIMISE button, the user can get better alternatives for the bills, placements and daily spending.

On the computer, a plugin can be added and will appear at the checkout to allow the user to find better deals.

On watch, the user gets an overview of his money allowance.


Muzmatch, Profile page


Art direction



Muzmatch is a dating app for Muslims who want to date other Muslims. They can fill their criteria and browse matching profiles. The task was to refurbish the profile page.

Market trend

Social media, such as SnapChat or Instagram, have reshaped the way information is delivered. Short entertaining stories are now the way. This trend has spread everywhere and therefore, dating profiles have also evolved to be more inspirational.

The New Gen Dating Profiles

The New Gen Dating Profiles intertwine large pictures with quotes. Every
bit of content is visibly laid out to create an impressive narrative. To make sure that no user is discarded prematurely, Bumble even positions the ‘like’ and ‘reject’ buttons at the bottom of the users’ profile. On Hinge, dating is not mentioned, users connect by commenting on each others’ profile pictures or descriptives.

The Traditional Dating Profiles

More classical, the Traditional Dating Profiles have a concise structure: photo gallery at the top, followed by the highlights and descriptive. Tinder is one of the initiators of those ‘easy to scan profiles’ which allow to swiped numerous profiles in a minimum of time – the law of large numbers over quality and care for individuals.


New technologies and formats

New technologies and formats are also enhancing profiles with the possibility to add videos, Spotify playlists or Instagram feeds.


A New Gen Profile for Muzmatch

Muzmatch consists of Muslim and Arab singles from around the globe who are passionate about meeting their destined pair. Most of the members of MuzMatch take dating seriously. This means that casual dating and hook-ups are not options.

Proposal for Muzmatch profile: To adopt a modern New Gen Profiles to focus more on each individual rather than on the quantity of profile to swipes.

User research

The importance of filters
Limitating mass swipes



MuzMatch users want to date/marry Muslims with similar religious/cultural values/ background.

Key features

Making sure that the profiles proposed to users match their religious/cultural values/ background selection (more especially for the premium subscription).

Making the most of the filters: When setting up the profile, each requirement has an optional text-field which allows to ‘say more’. A general field still allows generic description/facts…

Muzmatch users are technology savvy (the average age on the app is 25-34), those millennials seek for services which, like them, embrace modern ways of communicating.

Integration of video, image, music, filters, interactivity… Option to add Spotify playlists or Instagram feeds.

Finding a partner is special, each person should feel carefully considered.

Provide an optimum moderation to ensure that profile and contents are genuine and following Muslim/Arabic requirements.

Move the ‘like’ and ‘reject’ buttons at the bottom of the page.


Muzmatch Profile as the
first dating place

Design the profile as a first conversation (rather than a ‘CV’).
Use Messengers’ structure and functionalities with speech bubbles and text field to send message(s).


Customise your date

Make the profile customisable – in the same way, that in real life, the meeting location is chosen or set up.


Page mechanics

At the top of the page are the user name, the profile picture and key info. If there is a pink dot by the key info, it means that there is more to read about it.

If the user carries on scrolling, the profile picture scales down up to disappearance. The key info icons with a pink dot slide in the left gutter to create a fix sticky side menu.

The key info icons with a pink dot can be clicked at any time to scroll to the relevant content.

At the bottom of the page, the user can start to chat.

Full page filters

Themes can be applied to the profile page to customise pictures and videos on the page.

Special emojis

Special emojis can be inserted in the copy. They launch overlay animations when the user scrolls over.

Noughty, E-commerce


Art direction



Full online shop creation for a shampoo brand.

Nivea Black & White, N°1 accessory


Art direction


Sapient Nitro
CD: Danusch Mahmoudi

Promotion of Nivea Invisible for Black & White: The deodorant which cares for you and for your clothes. 

We created the microsite for The N°1 Accessory campaign. Customers could receive samples, take part in a competition to create and win a Black & White outfit.

UX/UI strategy

The website tells the story of the Black and White Dress. The flow is continuous and the user scrolls to follow the Black and White Dress. Each time the Black and White Dress ‘flies’ to a new section, a different aspect of the campaign develops around the dress. The animation enhances the experience and also brings to life the campaign theme.


krispy krush, Nivea, N°1 accessory, website, presentation and free samples
krispy krush, Nivea, N°1 accessory, website, competition and membership
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