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0 chômeurs, Information system for recruitment

Creation of the MVP for a portal for a return to employment agency.

The portal aims at automating/facilitating part of the work currently carried by agents when matching long-term job seekers with job offers.



UI direction



User journey

Creation of the user journey with the stakeholder.



  • Employer
  • Jobseeker
  • Agents (welcome desk agent, job seeker agent, employer agent)

User journey validation

Transcription of the scenarios into a Google doc for collecting agents (future users) feedback.

User flow

Job-seeker and employer journeys are mirroring each other.

User journeys are split into steps following the same mechanism.

— in progress —

Fribourg +, Voucher app

Creation of the MVP for the F+ app — an app to collect points and redeem vouchers while shopping in the town of Fribourg.



UI direction



Buyer / merchant journey

Voucher mechanics

User stories

As a buyer, I quickly want to download, and without using too much data the F+ app, so that I can install the app when I am paying for my goods at the shop.

As a buyer, I want to find my F+ QRcode, so that I can collect and complete my vouchers when paying the merchant.

As a buyer, when paying the merchant, I easily want to find my completed vouchers for a specific merchant, so that I can redeem them.

As a buyer, I want to view my completed vouchers, so that I can plan to use them next time I am shopping.

Information architecture

Canesten online articles


  • Create a narrative, using existing components, to inform about discharges and product utilisation.
  • To be simple, reinsuring and answer questions.

Our users

  • Women between 18-34 who experience thrush for the first time.
  • They need to understand their symptoms and what to do.
  • They need to understand that there is nothing to worry about.


  • Level 1: Discharge introduction with links to level 2.
  • Level 2: Discharge during periods with links to level 1 and 2.
  • Level 2: Discharge during pregnancy with links to level 1 and 2.
  • Level 2: When Discharge becomes colourful with links to level 1 and 2.




Mullen Lowe

Discharge hub

Persona 1

The user is looking for simple and friendly medical information:

“I need simple and good vibe information”

Gentle pedagogy:

A template to inform: Neutral, easy to update and versatile for creative ideas.

FAQs integrated into content:

§0: Discharge intro.
§1: What is discharge and relevant question(s)/link(s).
§2: Why is there discharge and relevant question(s)/link(s).
§3-4: Discharge evolution (during periods and pregnancy) and relevant question(s)/link(s).
§5: Related article listing (Discharge during pregnancy, Discharge during periods, When Discharge become colourful).
§6: Product carousel.

Persona 2

The user is looking for specialist guidance and hasn’t seen a specialist yet:

“I want to talk with a specialist rather than reading clinical documentation.”

The friendly specialist ‘chatbot’:

An engaging template led by questions. Those expand into versatile drop-down areas for creative ideas.

Content = FAQs:

§0: Discharge, Canesten specialist introduction and link(s) to the relevant page(s).
§2: FAQs and link(s) to relevant page(s).
§3: Related article listing (Discharge during pregnancy, Discharge during periods, When Discharge become colourful).
§4: Product carousel.

Persona 3

The user wants to feel normal and reinsured by other women:

“I need to hear real women stories/experiences/tips, as well as, medical information.”

Reinsuring community:

Quotes and video for testimonials.
Creative spaces for social ideas.
SEO friendly (using people’s voice and way to formulate issues).

Content with FAQs followed by FAQs recap:

§0: Discharge introduction and link(s) to relevant page(s).
§1: Statement 1 – What is discharge, testimonials and relevant link(s).
Statement 2 – Why is there discharge, testimonials and relevant link(s).
Statement 3 – Discharge ‘issues’, testimonials and relevant link(s).
§2: Related article listing (Discharge during pregnancy, Discharge during periods, When Discharge become colourful).
§3: Product carousel.

How to use


Step by step


Product presentation

Deckers, UGG and Hoka optimisation



After relaunching its websites with some new UX and design, UGG’ conversion rate dropped by 50%.

I reviewed the website – using available data (heatmaps) and benchmarking.

The recommendations are currently A/B tested.

Abstract: Homepage

Quantitative analysis / SessionCam observations

During the analysed period, 3865 visits were recorded for the home page.

Device split: 39.8% Desktop/Laptop, 48.9% Mobile, 11.3% Tablet.

43.8% of users didn’t view other pages after visiting the home page.
25% of the users left the website each time they reach a new section of the home page.
Users were also exiting after opening the menu.

The desktop heatmap indicates the majority of users are unprepared to scroll beyond the home page break.

100% of users view the page top section when around 75% scroll into the three tiles’ row below (Shop Women, Shop Kids and Shop Men).

25% and less users scroll beyond three tiles’ row to reach the bottom page navigation.

The attention heatmap aligns with the scroll behaviour since the majority of time is spent on the top hero image.

There is little time spent elsewhere on the page.


The ‘click’ heatmap also shows that the hero image holds the user attention. The hero image’s CTA (Shop Women’s Casuals) sees little to no interaction.

The hero image’s CTA sees the most interaction of all the page’s CTAs– though the header navigation receives the most interaction.

The hero image’s carousel has engagement forward, but not back.

43.8% of users who view the home page view no other page within their session.

Struggle is observed when users click on the hero image – expecting it to be clickable.

Those users potentially want to shop for the products displayed in the picture or for some related items.

Regardless, after clicking multiple times without outcome, users exit.

Users were also observed exiting after opening the menu and didn’t navigate elsewhere.

This is the typical behaviour of users who cannot find what they are looking for.

Trend analysis and recommendations

Website ∝ Customer satisfaction ∝ Purchase intention

Brands need to provide insight and inspiration – something emotional that customers can take away besides buy our product.”


Be bold 


Be inspirational

Nivea Black & White, N°1 accessory



UI direction


Sapient Nitro
CD: Danusch Mahmoudi

Promotion of Nivea Invisible for Black & White – the deodorant which cares for you and for your clothes. 

We created the microsite for The N°1 Accessory campaign. Customers could receive samples, take part in a competition to create and win a Black & White outfit.

UX/UI strategy

When scrolling, the Black and White Dress flies from one section to another and guides the user through the different campaign aspects: Campaign presentation, products, free samples, competition to win a black & white outfit, commercial and member registration.

krispy krush, Nivea, N°1 accessory, website, presentation and free samples
krispy krush, Nivea, N°1 accessory, website, competition and membership

Knorr, That Knorr moment


UI direction


Maynard Malone

After many collaborations with celebrity chefs, Knorr gives the power back to real cooks. We captured the moment of satisfaction while eating great Knorr home-cooked food.

We created lots of wonderful real food moments with Knorr at the heart.
The campaign develops through the year on the Knorr website, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and by email.

Start of the year

  • Campaign introduction.
  • Competition (name your That Knorr Moment).
  • Samples (share samples).
  • Knorr tutorials by Influencers; And Knorr Foodies recruitment.
krispy krush, Knorr, That Knorr Moment, Beginning of the year


  • Summer campaign with a ‘friendly’ twist.
  • Food kits giveaways
  • Foodies’ recipes
  • Ephemeral pop-ups restaurants.
krispy krush, Knorr, That Knorr Moment, Summer


  • Winter campaign with a festive twist.
  • Special guests foodies’ recipes to celebrate Christmas.
  • Competition (Festive lottery to win Ultimate Knorr Moments).
  • Samples.
krispy krush, Knorr, That Knorr Moment, Winter
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