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Omnicom, marketing production software optimisation





Adzu is an Omnicom software which automates the ad production.
Though, the software has been developed without users.
Now progressively launching, users and experts feedback shows multiple usability issues.

My challenge is to prove the value of UX/UI, to implement a UX/UI process and to evolve the current UX/UI.

UX/UI principles

UI with a UX twist

The clean gallery

Grouping functionalities

Making space for the imagery

The Flexi tiles

An immersive full width layout with large images.

Some clever tiles reorganising themselves depending on their number.

A customisable style for brands to express themselves.

The impact of UX on UI

Ad Builder:
AdZu’s AdBuilder resizes the ads in various formats.
Select a template and customise it with copy, imagery and click to generate all the ad formats.

Goal: To show the impact of UX on UI.

UX concepts

Home and campaign pages:
The current home page is a combination of links towards different sections of Adzu; While the campaign page links redirect towards the sections filtered by campaigns.

Goal: To initiate UI improvements based on UX.

Team inputs:

Bring together marketing teams
Follow campaign changes

Personal workspace
What’s new for me
My next tasks
My download/share history

Asset status notification if change (disabled, about to expire,…) or new…

Filter assets


Campaign overview

Feature: Filter pages by campaign(s) or audience(s)

My workspace:

What I need to to do

Tasks allocated by the system (when new or updated assets, docs, infos…)

My boards:
Accessible through menu

Pages with collection of information, assets,.. which can be shared internally or with clients

My alerts/messages:
What I need to know

What’s new for me (new or updated documents, infos…)


The place where to find all the assets

Filter by document type (brief,…), document format (image, video,…) and more

A unified anatomy for Adzu

The structure of the pretty UI
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