Recommendations to increase a marketing software fit to users’ needs

AdZu is an Omnicom software that automates ad production.

The software has been developed without users.
Now progressively launching, feedback shows multiple usability issues.

1 to 4 / Discover, Define
I started to collect internal feedback and opinions (customer team, sales team, product team, and management). This helped the communication and further meetings were held by the management.

5 to 7 / Inspire, Ideate & Prototype
The other outcome was the user-flow optimisation across the software. Flow hypotheses were translated into paper prototypes.

8 / Test
Then, we tested different prototypes.

  • Omnicom / RAPP Worldwide
  • Research and UX for marketing production software


Understanding the software’s collective vision and turning it into actionable UX



We believe that if the user can complete the production process by himself, we will increase user adoption

Interview of the future potential users to understand their workflow.


1: Our main users are the media planner and the designer:

  • The media buyer defines the ad specifications (‘where’ and ‘when’)
  • The designer defines the ad templates (‘what’)
    Other potential users are secondary because in charge of task coordination and control.

2: The software is missing the production brief. The production brief regroups media specifications (when, where, and how long…) and needed creatives (what) – necessary for Artwork to produce what will be deployed.


Review competitors’ solutions.


Definition of solutions to automate the production


Create some low fidelity visuals of the different approaches.


Test the designs with future users

To be continued…